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Cree Torch

Information & articles about the amazing Cree Torch

Cree Torch   

I was recently given a Cree torch as a gift.

The first time that I used it I was shocked.

It was so much better to anything I’d ever used before.

My neighbor, who is an ex-SAS army officer was the one to give it to me. He has a great collection of really cool things like this. (His shed is a treasure trove of interesting knick knacks!)

The night he came over, we went outside and he shon it towards the front gate.
I live on a property in rural West Australia, so the front gate isnt just a few metres away, it’s a few hundred metres away.

And the torch was illuminating trees at that distance!

The Cree torch does not use a normal bulb, but rather uses a chip. You can see it when you look into the torch. (But don’t look into it when its on!)

There is a small square shaped chip that powered the light.

The other great thing is that the batteries are rechargeable. Mine has a 4.2V Li-ion battery and a adapter that allows you to plug the torch directly into the wall to recharge. It also comes with a replacement battery.

I never like throwing away disposable batteries  so I’m very happy that these are rechargeable.

How long does the battery last? A long time. I don’t have a more scientific answer than that sorry.

I have run one battery down, but it seemed to last forever. Many hours.

And when it ran out, I simply added the replacement and we were good to go again.

Cree is a company that manufactures LED lighting for a number of applications like flashes for digital cameras, automotive dashboard lighting, traffic signals and cellular phone backlighting.

I’d never heard of them, but then again I rarely need to know much about solid state LED lighting. :-)

The Cree Torch that I have (a MXDL SA-013) has a dial that allows you have a narrow or broad beam of light. Its very sturdily built. I’ve read online that they are made of aluminium, but from the feel of it you wouldn’t think so. It feels like solid steel.

In fact if you backed over it in your car, you would probably not see any damage at all. (Of course I don’t recommend you trying it out and proving me wrong!)

My Version, the MXDL SA-013 weighs about 100 grams and is a very compact size.

There are smaller and larger versions available. Mine is rated at 300 Lumens. A lumen is more or less a unit of how bright something it.

There are models available that are smaller than mine, with the same brightness and there are larger versions as well.

I’ve seen one that uses 3 chips, rather than one - and has an output of 4000 lumens!
(I’m thinking I want me one of those!)
Now that I’ve used a Cree torch, I will never buy a regular torch again. These are amazing.

Super bright, long lasting and rechargeable.